15 Agt 2010

The Sunflares on my coffe shop

Made an interview with sweet girl form Jogjakarta, Claradevi Handriatmaja. I met her first at Jogja while my junior high school had a trip at Jogja, and since that time, i felt in love with her vintage style.

So here is.... The Sunflares Plethora 

Describe your style in 3 words!
Vintage, classic, quant
When did you start blogging and why you choose fashion blogging?
 I started my blog on June 2009. Its actually a photography, art, and fashion-related blog... But one of my biggest passion is vintage fashion, and i got a lot of supports from other blogger to give more highlight on the fashion posts, so then i managed to make my blog used mostly for my fashion ramblings. Apparently many people visiting, so i keep going on :)
Who is your fashion icon?
My fashion icon is Audrey Hephburn definitely, also Faye Dunaway and Elisabeth Taylor. I adore old-time european and Hollywood actresses. But now, i'm into Zooey Deschanel and Chloe Sevigny quite a lot.
Where is your favorite shopping place?
I love Etsy! They got plenty vintage shops with good conditions... But for new goodies i pretty enjor Topshop and Zara
Can you give us some tips for styling?
The best way to style yourself is: dont copy other style.item from magazines or net, but adsorb the inspiration then blend everything together with your own personal taste. And remember: just ignore the "fashion dont" or "fashion do's", in fashion everything is legal!

some of her great style!

Thanks kak Claradevi for the 5-minutes-interview via bbm. So sorry for the late time hahahaha

kiss and hugs,


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Owen mengatakan...

nice interview reginaaa :)
check my new post yeaa hehe

vdcouture mengatakan...

oh she's great and super cute :)


Nitya Krisnantari mengatakan...

I adore her too, Regina..
Thanks for sharing your interview on your blog, now I know some of her interests


Tara mengatakan...

Good Interview...
I love Claradevi style and blog :)

Rimma Izzaty mengatakan...

i love her so much. she's beautiful. i like it :D

Stevia mengatakan...

I love her!
thanks for the interview :)

come visit my blog, dear

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey mengatakan...

I love her! She's lovely :)


Anything but Bland mengatakan...

hello :)

You are TOO cute!! :)

I am a new follower.. return the favor?

Hope we can be friends :)

love, polly :D

Stella mengatakan...

Love your blog! =)


claradevi mengatakan...

oh wow,nice feature :)
thanks for counting me in!


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